Necessary documentation for non-resident who wish to proceed with the Acceptance of Inheritance in Spain

A considerable number of doubts may arise in a very delicate moment when, in addition to taking decisions such as going to a professional Spanish law firm to assist you in the acceptance of your inheritance in Spain, you need to prepare the documentation required to proceed with the acceptance of the assets of the deceased in Spain.

Let us explain in a simple way the documentation that must be prepared to grant your acceptance of Spanish inheritance in front of a Notary Public.

First of all, you need your passport and NIE, for proper identification by the notary in Spain. Please note that all heirs must have a NIE (Non-resident Identification Number).

Secondly, it is necessary to provide the notary with the Death Certificate. If the deceased did out of Spain, this certificate must be provided with the Apostille of the Hague Convention and translated by a sworn translator.


Thirdly, the Will granted by the deceased in Spain. If there is no Will in Spain, the Will granted in his or her place of residence, also with Apostille and translated.

Fourthly, it will also be necessary to obtain a Certificate of Last Wills, specifying whether or not the deceased granted a testament in Spain.

Also, a Certificate from the General Registry of Death Insurance Contracts will be required, indicating whether or not the deceased had a death insurance.

Sixth, if the deceased had an account in a bank in Spain, it will be necessary to provide a certificate from the Bank showing the balance of the account at the time of death.

Finally, a copy of the last real-estate tax receipt (IBI) paid for the property will be required and will be attached to the deed.

The Spanish notary will include in the Acceptance of Inheritance Title Deed all assets forming part of the inheritance, such as property, bank account, vehicle, and will formalise the acceptance of the inheritance in favour of the heirs, as well as the value of the same, for the purposes of payment of the corresponding Inheritance Tax.

More information on the subject of Spanish Inheritance, Wills and succession in Spain may be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the granting of your acceptance of inheritance in Spain and the payment of the Inheritance Tax in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us. In Arcos & Lamers Asociados we will assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation, we will advise you on the granting of the deeds and payment of your taxes. We will accompany you throughout the whole process until the completion of the acceptance of your inheritance in Spain.




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