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The Golden Mile, Marbella

gay friendly lawyer in MarbellaMost people familiar with the Costa del Sol have heard of the Golden Mile, a stretch of land between Marbella center and Puerto Banus. Today the Golden Mile is home to luxurious mansions, some of them belonging to the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian Royal family and luxurious apartment complexes such as Puente Romano, La Trinidad and La Alhambra del Mar. Why has the Golden Mile become so popular with the rich and famous?

One of the founding fathers of the current Marbella and the Costa del Sol as we know it, is Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe. He converted his family estate bought by his father Prince Maximilian Egon in 1947 into the Marbella Club Hotel in 1954. 20 years later, a little further away (about one mile), he launched the Puente Romano complex. Some of the worlds famous and rich bought plots of land in and around the area of the Marbella Club Hotel and Puente Romano. This gave way to the name Golden Mile, today the Golden Mile has expanded and is about 5 kilometers long and reaches all the way till the foothills of the La Conch mountain including Nagueles and Sierra Blanca.

(English) How to erase your past from internet

internet newsA few years ago, a senior executive at a Spanish multinational was given a generous retirement package – so generous that it became the subject of some comment in the media. As a result, when his name was typed into internet search engines, notably Google, it was the main story that came up. He considered this a breach of his privacy, as well as a potential danger to his family, and decided to hire the services of a firm that specializes in removing data from the internet. His name is no longer associated with that story online.

The European Court of Justice last week ruled that internet search engines are required to remove links to information if the individual or entity to which they refer believes they are in breach of their privacy, or if the information is damaging to their reputation. Google has already announced that it will soon be making a tool available in Europe to remove offending links, although companies already exist in Spain offering the service. They do this by contacting the source publication in question, whether it is a newspaper, official body, blog or chat or discussion forum.


Inheritance in Spain

Inheritance in Spain

Besides our this general web site, our multi-lingual proactive law firm would like to invite you to visit the just launched micro web “Inheritace in Spain” by Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

At this new web we are providing deep going information on the following subjects:


1)      Spanish Inheritance procedure.

Here you will find a guideline of the steps to take into account at the legal procedure of an Inheritance in Spain. In addition, information on the Spanish law is provided.

2)      Inheritance tax in Spain, examples.


Information on Spanish Inheritance Tax is provided, The provided Inheritance tax scale would be applicable for non tax residents in Spain and may vary in the event that the heirs are fiscal resident in Spain.



Welcome to Marbella! Summer is not far away and with the Grand Opening Parties of Marbella’s famous Beach Clubs the Season 2013 has started. To plan your holiday perfectly – here are your events. Golf-Events, Events in Marbella and Puerto Banús, Events at “Ocean Club” (Puerto Banus),Events at “Nikki Beach” (near Beach Club of Hotel “Don Carlos” in Elviria),Events at “Sala Beach Banus” (Puerto Banus),Events in “La Cantera de Nagüles” Marbella, Events in Malága!    


accountants in Spain

Accountants in Spain

Accountants in Spain.

Spanish multi-lingual proactive law firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, has recently launched, in addition to our weekly posts at our blog, a new micro web under the title “Accountants in Spain” providing deep going information on the Spanish Tax system, Spanish accountancy rules and tax advice that our firm provides to Spanish and north European communities, individuals and companies in Spain. Please find below a summary of the different areas we have taken into account providing answers to inquiries that our firm receives on a daily basis.



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Marbella’s magnificent climate, superb beaches, wealth of leisure facilities and its unparalleled location have combined to make Marbella the centre for international tourism on the Costa del Sol.

The former fishing port was originally transformed into a summer playground for the rich and famous. In 1943, Ricardo Soriano, the Marquis of Ivanrey moved toMarbellaand was instrumental in developingMarbella’s tourism industry. His nephew, Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg founded theMarbella Clubwhich became a name synonymous with the international jet set.

These days Marbellais far more accessible and is one of the most popular family holiday destinations on the Costa del Sol.

So what can you do inMarbella? More importantly what can you do for free? Here are five suggestions.


Plaza de los Naranjos

Visit the Old Town

Marbellahas carefully preserved its old town of whitewashed houses, their facades adorned with wrought-iron grilles and breathtaking displays of flowers.

No visit is complete without seeing the Plaza de los Naranjos (translated literally as ‘orange tree square.’) It provides the perfect setting to unwind at one of the many outdoor cafes and enjoy a drink.