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The Team of Lawyers, solicitors, tax advisers and Accountants in Marbella, Málaga, Spain

You will certainly benefit from getting together with the versatile professionals from Arcos & Lamers Asociados. Specialists for advising in any problems you may have in relation to tax, accountancy or legal matters. Both on a business or a personal level. At this law firm based in Spain you will find all skills and experience under one roof. In this way, you will not only save both time and costs, but you will also have the assurance that at all times you will be able to obtain personal, efficient and effective advice tailored to your own needs. And of course in different languages. Your business is in good hands of the best lawyers, solicitors, tax advisers and accountants of this multi-lingual law firm. Our legal, economic, accountancy and tax consultants are all members of their respective professional bodies and associations in Málaga.

María Teresa Arcos Morales
Founder and Director of the Firm

Lawyer. Graduated in 1992, she started her professional career as partner and director of the Company Arcos & Lamers Asociados in 2004. Director of the Department of Property Law and coordinator of the area of Procedural Law. She has a proven track record in consulting services in Property Law, purchase and sales of property and probate topics, enforcement and foreclosure proceedings and claims for payment. Throughout the proceedings, she keeps her clients duly informed. She has been a lecturer at several seminars related to the latest legislation in the field of Property Law. Her continuous formation in order to keep her knowledge up to date allows her to provide the client with comprehensive advice

Info: Member of the Málaga Bar AssociationLanguages: Spanish, Dutch and English
Wim Lamers
Founder and Director of the Firm

Economist. Graduated in 1997. His experience and knowledge acquired all along his professional career made him decide to establish Arcos & Lamers Asociados in 2004 together with María Teresa Arcos. He is not only partner and director of the company but also the person in charge of the Fiscal and Financial Department as well as of Human Resources. His extensive theoretical and hands-on experience as well as his continuous and on-going training allow him to offer his clients an up-to-date, contemporary and efficient service in accordance with the circumstances that govern the fiscal field.

Info: Member of the Málaga Economist CollegeLanguages: Spanish, Dutch, English and German
Félix Ruiz Peña
Real-Estate and Civil Matters

Lawyer. Graduated in 1998. He has collaborated with Arcos & Lamers Asociados since 2006 and offers clients legal advice in civil and property topics. His extensive and continuous formation allows him to adapt to the clients’ needs, quickly achieving the desired goals. His knowledge and expertise in property topics allow him to attend and resolve the different matters that might arise in a professional and efficient manner.

Info: Member of the Málaga Bar AssociationLanguages: Spanish and English
Antonio D. Diaz Cherino
Fiscal, Tax and Registration matters

Economist. Graduated in 1987. Honorific distinctions on several areas of his university degree. He developed his professional career in banking and Chemical – Pharmaceutical sectors. He used his high qualified knowledge on Pharma-economics as consultant to different stock exchange listed companies. In addition, as from the last years he is an analyst and coordinator of the Updating Service for Tax and Fiscal Department of Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

Info: Economist, graduated in 1987, University of MálagaLanguages: Spanish, English and Portuguese
Salvador Guerra Cuevas
External Labour adviser of the firm

Labour consultant, graduated in 1995, specialising in formalities before the Social Security Office and Immigration Authorities. His profound vocation to serve compels him to be in a constant process of evolution with the only aim to satisfy the needs of the clients of Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

Info: Member of the “Ilustre Colegio de Graduados Sociales”Languages: Spanish and English
Sara Duarte Davidson
Head of the Fiscal, Accountant and Financial Department

Graduated in 1997 at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne, at the United Kingdom, she commenced her professional career in Leicestershire and gained experience in financial and fiscal management in hospitals. In 2004, due to her continuous formation and experience, she became the Director of the Fiscal and Accounting Department of Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

Info: BA (Hons) in AccountancyLanguages: Spanish and English
Michael Ortega
Book Keeper

He started his professional career in 1996 and his background in many accounting areas has been reached in over fifteen years of experience. He specialises in accounting control of companies, verification and interpretation of balances and is an expert in using computer and accounting tools.

Info: Management and Company AdministrationLanguages: Spanish, French and English
Auxi Gutierrez Espinosa
Personal assistant of Managing Directors

Coordinator of the office and assistant of the company’s directors since 2009, her function is essential for the smooth running of the company. She is in charge of the formalities before the different administrations and public institutions, banks and other companies which she carries out with promptness, clarity and determination. Her vast experience and dedication to work turn her into an excellent professional treating our clients in an exquisite manner.

Info: Office ManagerLanguages: Spanish, Dutch, English and German