Corporate law

Spanish Company law. Accountancy, bookkeeping and fiscal representation on trade companies in Spain

team Arcos LamersArcos y Lamers Asociados provides you with comprehensive advice about the incorporation, modification or any other action that is related to the everyday management of a trade company, such as capital increase or decrease, changes within the administrative board as well as any other action subject to be notarized.

Our company has a team of expert advisers qualified in the field of commerce and accounting including economists, accountants, financial advisers and lawyers. In short, Arcos & Lamers Asociados offers you a multidisciplinary service throughout Spain.

The Costa del Sol, especially Marbella, is the ideal place to start a business and/or to enjoy a quiet life. Both residents and non-residents are looking for a place full of comfort where they can enjoy the facilities offered by the Welfare State and have a wholesome life. As Thomas Jefferson says: Happiness is not provided by richness and wealth, but by tranquillity and work.

The dynamic economy of Marbella mainly comes from tourism, which at the Costa del Sol is not seasonal, but constant throughout the entire year, making it one of the most touristic areas of the world.

Motivated registered accountants in Spain. Efficient tax advisers in Marbella

Motivation is of great importance. Once we have fully defined our idea and we want to give its concrete form. You will need efficient legal and fiscal advice. Spanish Legal and fiscal advice is especially important if you are a non-resident who is not familiar with Spanish regulations. It is integral that you are aware of the fiscal advantages that can allow you to have less outgoing expenditure. Therefore, you should  consult the professionals of Arcos & Lamers Asociados who will help you to focus on your business plan in Spain and benefit from the fiscal allowances offered by the legislation of the country where you have chosen to establish your business. You need the services of lawyers, economists and accountants; then you will be ready to successfully start and develop your business.

When you put all of your energy and efforts into the project of your dreams, your only desire is that your dreams become a successful reality. That is why it is so important to rely on a professional, rigorous and transparent service offering efficiency, security, promptness and effectiveness covering all your fiscal needs. Accounting, legal and tax advice is essential when purchasing or renting a commercial property to start up your business in the Costa del Sol, as is advice on drawing up your contracts and other services oriented towards foreign citizens residing in the Costa del Sol.

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