Spanish Tax rates on a general scale of the year 2014, 2015 and 2016

Belasting in spanjeIn a previous article, we talked about the tax rates and their scale to be applied on the savings tax rate. This time, we want to inform you about the general scale.

Likewise, we have talked about the scale for the Income Tax for Natural Persons (IRPF) for the return of 2014, which is to be filed and presented before the 30.06.2015.

But, what will happen from 2015 onwards with all these tax reforms?

To start with, in 2015 the number of scales will be reduced. Instead of seven scales in 2014, this will be reduced to only five scales. The only purpose of the legislator is to try and simplify the scales for the income tax. As you can observe in the comparisons made below, also the progressivity in the income tax is reduced. For the year 2016, that is to say, for the tax return that will be filed in 2017 for the fiscal year 2016, the tax rates are reduced with maintenance of those five scales.

Scale IRPF 2014

            Tax base                     Applicable tax rate

From               Until                            2014

 0                       12.450                        25%

12.450              33.007                       30%

33.007              53.407                       40%

53.407             120.000                      47%

120.000           175.000                      49%

175.000           300.000                      51%

Más de 300.000                                 52%

Scale IRPF 2015

Tax Base                     Applicable Tax rate    Applicable Tax rate

From               Until                           2015                           2016

0                      12.450             20%                            19%

12.450             20.200             25%                            24%

20.200             35.200             31%                            30%

35.200             60.000             39%                            37%

More than 60.000                   47%                            45%

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