All you need to know about  the President and Administrator at the Community of Owners in Spain

president at a community of owners in Spain The Spanish community of owners in Spain is governed by the Owners General Assembly, the President and where applicable, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and the Administrator.

The President is appointed among the owners by community vote or, when not achieved, by drawing lots.

The acceptance of the charge is compulsory, although the designated owner may apply to the Judge in Spain for his replacement. This application must be presented to the Spanish Court within one month since his access to the position.  The judge will decide on such request, also appointing the owner who should replace the President in its position.

The President shall have the task of representing the community, both in and out of Court in all matters related thereto.

The President of the Spanish community of owners may carry out the functions of secretary and administrator, unless the statutes, or the general assembly, provide that such offices will be held separately from the Presidency.

The position of Administrator can be discharged by any owner, and also by anyone with sufficient professional qualification and legally licensed to perform these functions.

The functions of the Administrator of the community are as follows:

1.- To ensure the proper management of the property in Spain, its installations and services, and to advise and admonish the owners to that effect.

2.-To prepare in advance and submit to the Board the foreseeable expenditure budget, proposing the way to cope with them.

3.- To pay attention to conservation and maintenance of the Spanish property, providing urgent repairs and measures, giving immediate account of them to the President or, where applicable, to the owners.

4.- To execute the adopted resolutions regarding maintenance work and to make and receive payments as appropriate.

5.- To act, where applicable, as secretary of the Board and to keep custody of community documents available for the owners.

6.- Any other function conferred by the general assembly.

The term for all governing bodies of the community shall be of one calendar year unless otherwise provided for by the community statutes.

For any clarification concerning election of charges in your Community, please do not hesitate to contact Arcos & Lamers Asociados.  We shall be pleased to answer any question or doubt you may have regarding your property in Spain.

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