Certificate of the Companies Registry for a company in Spain

spanish company in marbellaAre you participating in a Limited Company in Spain? Are you shareholder of an S L  Company or administrator in a foreign company with permanent establishment in Spain?

We remind you that the following information is publicly known:

The Companies Registry is a public service and depends of the Ministry of Justice. The Central Companies Registry is situated in Madrid and each capital of each one of the provinces has a local Companies Registry.

General information of the Companies Registry. We gave you some information in a previous blog on the yearly account, the obligatory books, the incorporation of companies, etc. Now we will inform you of the genera land specific information that is published by the Companies Registry in Spain.

The service for interactive commercial information is a service where information may be consulted on any company whatsoever that is registered at the Companies Registry.

Information such as the company’s name, date on which the activities have started, registered office, duration, fiscal identification number, corporate object and structure of the administration body is at you full disposal and is registered in the corresponding Companies Registry.

Apart from the abovementioned information, the following is also at everybody’s disposal:

  • Valid presentation to be registered.
  • Indication of acts of commercial nature as well as annual accounts and legalized books.
  • Special situations. The Companies Registry shall indicate whether the company has a “special situation”. In essence, this will deal with the fact whether the company has complied with the presentation and registration of the annual accounts.

It is quite simple to get a copy of the contents of each annual accounts that have been presented and registered.

The individual businessmen or businessmen who carry out their activities under the regime of Self-Employed are not obliged to register at the Companies Registry. Nevertheless, they can do so voluntarily.

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