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Spain hit with new health tax

ALL residents of Spain will be required to contribute to the cost of medical prescriptions, as of last month.

Anyone making less than €18,000 per year will pay up to 40 per cent of the prescription cost, with a monthly cap at €8.

Those earning more than €18,000 will pay half the cost, with a monthly cap at €18.

While the UK will continue to pay Spain an annual cost to provide healthcare for its pensioners, British expats are not exempt from this tax.

The long-term goal is to integrate this rate of pay information into the SIP card – which enters expats into the healthcare system in Spain.

However, for those who have not declared an annual resident tax, blanket charges will apply.

Non-pensioners with low incomes pay 40 per cent and pensioners pay 10 per cent.

Those providing no income information will have no cap on their monthly contributions.

Source: TheOlivePress.es

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