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Spanish Social Security system posts an increase of 4,896 contributors

The average number of contributors to the Spanish Social Security system increased by 4,896 in July, raising the total figure to 17,032,738. Tomás Burgos stressed that “the outlook for the Spanish economy remains far from a clear recovery, and that is reflected in sluggish contributor figures for July”.

In month-on-month terms, the General Regime grew by 112,004 contributors (up 0.81% on June) to an average total of 13,875,453.

In particular, the most significant increases were recorded in Healthcare Activities and Social Services (41,121), Hotel and Catering (32,849) and Vehicle and Motorcycle Trade and Repair (29,224).

The largest declines were recorded in Education (-74,327), Public Administration and Defence (-20,732) and Construction (-15,514).
It should be pointed out that 135,237 people joined the new Domestic Workers’ System in the last month, raising the number of people registered with the Social Security system in the domestic sector to 349,034.

As regards the Self-Employed Workers’ Regime, a comparison between June and July shows a decline of 3,965 people (-0.13%). Meanwhile, the Seamen’s Regime acquired 1,527 new contributors while the Coal Workers’ Regime lost 149 contributors.

In year-on-year terms, the total number of contributors to the system as a whole in July fell by 604,613 (-3.43%). This is half the decline that was recorded in July 2009 (-1,260,967) when the situation of economic difficulty was similar to the situation today (economic recession).

The General Regime grew by 506,007 contributors (3.78%) in the last twelve months, although it should be taken into consideration that this figure includes the incorporation of the Agricultural Workers’ Regime and the Domestic Workers’ Regime.

The Special Self-Employed Workers’ Regime posted negative growth of -1.32% year-on-year (41,807 fewer self-employed contributors). The combined total of all other regimes (Agricultural Workers, Seamen, Coal Workers and Domestic Workers) increased by 79,087 on July of the previous year.

Finally, the number of male contributors to the system increased by 17,362 on July 2001 , while the number of women contributors fell by 12,467.

The State Secretary for Social Security, Tomás Burgos, believes that “the jobs created by the summer season have not offset to the extent that would be desirable the loss of contributors in such other sectors as construction, which are still going through a tough period of adjustment”.

“The outlook for the Spanish economy remains far from a clear recovery and that is reflected, looking beyond the purely temporary aspects of this month, in a frankly sluggish situation regarding contributor figures for July”, he said.

Source: lamoncloa.gob.es

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