Possibility to examine the accountancy submitted voluntarily by the taxpayer in the limited control procedure in Spain

tax inspection in SpainIs your company being subject of a limited control procedure of Spanish Inland Revenue? Then take into account the following aspects:   In general, the Tax Office in Spain may not examine the accountancy of a trade company by means of a limited control procedure.   Now, the new version (modification paragraph 2.c) of article 136 of the new General Spanish Tax Law) allows them to examine the accountancy of a trade company during a limited control procedure provided that the following conditions are being fulfilled:  
  1. The taxpayer must submit the accountancy voluntarily without being required by the Spanish Tax Office.
  1. The taxpayer will only submit the part of the accountancy that he deems convenient. This is not a general inspection, but only a control of certain operations.
  1. The Tax Office in Spain must limit itself to verify exclusively whether what has been declared matches with the information they have.
  Additionally, it is expressly set out that there will be no time-limits in the limited control procedure, which shall not impede or limit the verification afterwards of the operations verified in the limited control procedure.   Do not hesitate to contact any of our Spanish tax advisors in Marbella on any of your tax and legal issues in Spain   Arcos & Lamers Asociados, your expert accountants, fiscal advisors and lawyers in Marbella.   María Teresa Arcos, lawyer in Marbella.   Wim Lamers, accountant (economista) in Marbella.                
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