Revocation of a power of attorney in Spain

Spanish power of attorney in MarbellaA Spanish power of attorney is a document that is granted before a public notary, whereby the grantor, whether an individual or a company, authorizes another person to act on its behalf by granting general faculties to act as its representative, or by a special power to conduct a specific transaction.

In order to act on behalf of the grantor, the attorney must prove such representation by exhibiting the original power of attorney.

 Powers of attorney could be granted for an indefinite term or for a limited time.

Once legal affairs have been conducted, it would be advisable to proceed with the revocation of the power of attorney. This revocation must also be granted in the presence of a notary, who must notify the attorney who is involved.


In the event that you or your company need to grant a power of attorney, the Multilingual Spanish lawyers and attorney’s of our law firm in Marbella, Málaga will have the pleasure to advise you on what type of document is appropriate, we will prepare its faculties in a personalized manner, and we will assist you in its granting before a notary.

In addition, we can advise you about revoking a power of attorney that was granted in the past to ensure that it cannot be used to conduct neither current nor future actions on your behalf.

We take this opportunity to inform you that the granting of a Will in Spain cannot occur using a power of attorney. To this effect, in Spain, you must appear personally in front of a notary.

The documentation that you must provide to grant a power of attorney in Spain or out of Spain is the following:

  • In event that you intend to grant the document in your name and on your behalf, you must provide your original passport or identity document to a notary in Spain.
  • If you are granting the power of attorney on behalf of your company, you must provide proof of such representation by presenting the document of appointment in which your position in the company is stated.

A Power of Attorney can be used in a Lititgation case in Spain, a Spanish Inheritance procedure, to purchase or sell a property in Spain, etc, etc.

Should you need further information relating to the granting of a power of attorney in Spain, to revoke the same, or to a grant a will in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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