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Acquisition and rental of a property in Andalucía: Information to be provided to the purchaser

When you approach a real estate agent for the purchase of a home in Spain, the agent offering the sale or the rental must have an “Abbreviated Information Document” (Documento Informativo Abreviado), which must be freely delivered to any individual consumer seeking information about the Spanish property.

In Andalucía, in cases of second and subsequent transmissions of property, the offer, promotion and advertising for sale or for renting properties will contain among other details, the following information:


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Interview with Wim Lamers, founder of the Arcos & Lamers Asociados law firm in Spain



The Dutch have traditionally tried their luck abroad. This has made “The Netherlands” both greater and smaller at one and the same time: adventurers who travelled the seven seas in search of trade and other activities. Even to this day, our compatriots remain entrepreneurs throughout the world. We have an example in Marbella, on the sunny Costa del Sol in Spain. You can find every kind of business sector in this city, from water sports and hotel and catering to real estate and the health and fitness industry. And also companies specialising accountancy affairs and legal and tax matters. A fine example is Wim Lamers, co-founder and co-owner of Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

Legal, tax  and accountancy areas.

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Expenses arising when setting up a mortgage for a property in Spain

If you have decided to apply for a mortgage in Spain for the purchase of your home in Spain, you should keep in mind that in addition to the costs related to the loan that you will pay to the Credit Institution (bank), you will also have to settle the costs of formalizing the loan, the payment of taxes and the registration of the mortgage in the corresponding Land Registry.

Condition mortgage in Spain

The Bank should inform you of the following conditions of the loan, as well as of the costs mentioned below:


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Spanish community of owners

Community of owners in Spain, Frequently asked questions

 The rights and duties of the owners in a community in Spain is regulated by Spanish Law 49/1960 of 21 July, reviewed and in force since 28th June  2013.

We include in this article usual questions related to Community of Owners in Spain.

Can I carry out works on my property?

Article 7 of the aforementioned Law states that the owner of each apartment or premises can modify architectural elements, facilities or services of the building when not impairing or alter the safety of the building, its overall structure, its configuration or external appearance, or prejudice the rights of other owners, and must previously give information of such works to the one who represents the community.

Do I have to pay the debt of the previous owner?

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