Lawyer in Marbella informing on 9 frequently asked questions about the rental of your property in Spain.

lawyer in Spain, Spanish law firm, lawyer in Marbella, Law firm in MarbellaDRAFT PROJECT LAW TO BOOST THE RENTAL MARKET IN SPAIN. Ms. María Teresa Arcos, Lawyer in Marbella, has the pleasure to announce that Spanish Congress of Ministers has adopted on the 24th August last, a Draft Project Law to make more flexible and speed the market for renting properties in Spain that would bring, a reduction on the periods of the rental contracts and the improvement of the legal security. We proceed to answer 9 frequently asked questions arising at the time of the rental of a home in Spain. Are you thinking to lease your property in Spain? Use de services of a Spanish lawyer!.


The Spanish accountant, Ms. Sara Duarte, has the pleasure to line you out some notes with regards to Spanish Taxes and Fiscal liabilities of a Spanish s.l. company.

When an Spanish SL company has been set up there are certain fiscal requirements in Spain that will need to be fulfilled. Most companies will be required to submit quarterly and annual Tax Return to the Inland Revenue. Below you will find a basic list of the most common Tax Return obligations.

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When is a person considered resident in Spain? Spanish accountant is giving you the answer

This post is issued by English Spoken Spanish accountant, Sara Duarte, of Spanish accountancy and law firm Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

Many people live in more than one country during a tax year (e.g. Spain plus another country). Furthermore, they could own several properties in both countries.

In order to determine your tax liabilities you need to clearly state the country of residence for tax purposes.

When you are considered to be a Spanish Fiscal Resident you will be liable to be taxed for all your Wealth and Income, obtained not only in Spain but World wide, according to Spanish Tax rules and rates – this will include all pension funds unless stated otherwise.

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After having produced weekly original posts on our blog we thought it was time to write some lines with regards to the accountancy and tax areas that our firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, have been specializing in.

Are you seeking for an English spoken partner who will professionally take care of the  book-keeping of your activity in Spain? An English spoken accountant registered in Spain who will assist you following Spanish accountancy and tax rules?

The professionals of Arcos & Lamers Asociados will be pleased to assist you in any Spanish accountancy and tax advise you and your business may require. We provide monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to our clients fulfilling Spanish Law and tailored to the needs of our clients.

English spoken lawyer in Spain reporting on a summary of spanish law decree 2/2012, 10th january, to regularize existing buildings and settlements on non development land in Andalucía

The below mentioned summary on the new Decree 2/2012 of 10 January, which regulates the regimen about the existing buildings and settlements over undeveloped land in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (entered into force onFebruary 29, 2012), has been issued by the lawyer Mr. Félix Ruiz, Spanish solicitor and proffesional of the Spanish law firm Arcos & Lamers Asociados in Marbella.

This Spanish law approved by the regional Andalucía government does not pursue the so called “urban amnesty” (“amnistía fiscal”) for those buildings that somehow are in a irregular situation within the Andalucía non developed land. But just the opposite. The Decree far from giving sense to this situation, provokes new questions and increases the already chaotic regulatory about the rustic land in Andalucía.

Setting up of a company in Spain. Lawyer in Marbella reporting on Spanish Law, Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2010, 2nd July, Ley de Sociedades de Capital

If you are interested in setting up a new company in Spain, the following information should be taken into account. The professional team of lawyers and Spanish tax advisers of Arcos y Lamers Asociados has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the legal fiscal, accountancy and labour advice that you may need for your Spanish company in Málaga, Costa del Sol, or any other area of  Spain.

Spanish lawyers report on amendments of spanish vat rates. the government raises the general spanish vat from 18% to 21%

The last month of July, the President of the Spanish Government , Mariano Rajoy, announced that the general rate of VAT will increase (up to now, 18%) three points, up to 21%; the reduced type will increase two points (from 8% to 10%) and the super-reduce type a 4 % will be maintained.

Motivation and a good lawyer in Spain: the most important factors to setting up a business in the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, especially Marbella, is the ideal place to start a business and to enjoy a quiet life. Both residents and non-residents are looking for a place full of comfort where they can enjoy the facilities offered by the Welfare State and have a wholesome life. As Thomas Jefferson says: Happiness is not provided by richness and wealth, but by tranquillity and work.

The dynamic economy of Marbella mainly comes from tourism, which at the Costa del Sol is not seasonal, but constant throughout the entire year, making it one of the most touristic areas of the world.

Draft Law for Measurements for Flexibility and Increase of the Spanish rental Market of 11th May 2012

Special 3% Tax for non resident companies in Spain.

The Spanish law firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados would like to line out an amendment on Spanish Tax law with regards to foreign companies that do hold property/ies inSpain.

The entities, not resident  and with-out a permanent settlement in Spain, that are owners of a real estate property in Spain, are subject to the Special 3% Tax for non resident companies, which is due on the 31st  of December each year, and to be settled during the month of January of the following year.