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Decrease of the scale of Income tax in Spain (IRPF)

Congratulations! The decrease of the scale of Income tax for Natural persons for the year 2016 will be applied already in 2015.

We already talked about the scales of tax percentages of the income tax for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016 in our article of 11.05.2015. Nevertheless, the government has decided to apply this reduction already in the month of July 2015. This means that in our tax return of the year 2015, we have to apply already the percentage that was foreseen for the year 2016. In the same fiscal year, not one scales will be applied.

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taxation in malaga spain

Taxation on savings income in Spain as from 11.07.2015

On 29.06.2015 we have published an article referring to the taxation on savings income 2015, Income tax 2015, Taxation on savings income 2015, but this has been cancelled by a new Royal Decree published in the Spanish Official State Gazette in which it was decided to decrease this tax.

On the 11th July 2015 a Royal Decree was published in the Spanish Official State Gazette in which urgent measures were taken to decrease the tax for all tax payers related to the Income Tax for Natural Persons amongst others.

Good news also for the residents in Spain for whom the taxes on savings income had already been reduced.  

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president at a community of owners in Spain

All you need to know about  the President and Administrator at the Community of Owners in Spain

The Spanish community of owners in Spain is governed by the Owners General Assembly, the President and where applicable, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and the Administrator.

The President is appointed among the owners by community vote or, when not achieved, by drawing lots.

The acceptance of the charge is compulsory, although the designated owner may apply to the Judge in Spain for his replacement. This application must be presented to the Spanish Court within one month since his access to the position.  The judge will decide on such request, also appointing the owner who should replace the President in its position.

The President shall have the task of representing the community, both in and out of Court in all matters related thereto.

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