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With an exemplary combination of solid professional backgrounds, María Teresa Arcos and Wim Lamers decided in 2003 to set up the law firm Arcos & Lamers Asociados.

Our law and accountancy firm in Marbella was born out of the idea and intention to create a firm where we could develop our professional capacities with the same honesty and efficiency that has defined our personal lives.

We knew we faced a very important decision in our lives to found this firm, but we knew our professional backgrounds, years of experience, and our ability to adapt to new situations were the ingredients for success. Our corporate objective is to deliver cutting-edge advisory services to individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions.

Therefore, our team continually invests in training that permits us to take on even the most complex cases. When handling a case, we constantly study legislation and case law to analyse all possible situations in order to arrive at the best possible solutions for our clients.

Throughout the process, we are in constant communication with our clients in order to best understand their requirements and needs.

Our firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, has grown into a reference for many of our clients who invest their confidence in us thanks to our corporate values of experience, excellence, dedication and teamwork.

María Teresa Arcos

Lawyer, graduated in 1992. Professional partner, founder and director of Arcos & Lamers Asociados and member of the Bar Association of Malaga.

After a wide-ranging professional career acquiring experience in companies of the legal and tax sector, María started her professional path in Arcos & Lamers Asociados in 2004, first as the director of the Department of Property Law and the coordinator Procedural Law. She has a proven track record in consulting services in Property Law, the purchase and sales of property, probate matters and civil contracts.

Her continuous drive to be acutely knowledgeable in her fields allows her to provide her clients with comprehensive advice.

Wim Lamers

Professional partner, founder and director of Arcos & Lamers Asociados and member of the Association of Economists of Malaga.

Originally from the Netherlands, Wim has lived in Spain since 1984. He graduated in Economic and Business Science at the University of Malaga, one of the most prestigious universities in Spain to offer this degree.

Apart from his university degree, Wim completed his postgraduate studies in order to deepen his academic and professional development. Accordingly, he took several courses and seminars to complete his specialisation in Spanish tax system and constantly updates his knowledge in fiscal, legal and organisational matters.

His extensive theoretical and hands-on experience as well as his continued training allow him to offer his clients comprehensive and efficient services.

Wim leads courses and seminars on a regular basis in tax and legal specialisation to the staffs of national and international companies in the private sector as well as other professionals in real estate and the financial world.

Arcos & Lamers Asociados: your lawyer, economist, and expert accountant all under one roof!

Our professionals

All our lawyers, economists, expert accountants and fiscal advisors are members of the Malaga Law and Economist Associations. We rely on a multidisciplinary team of professionals that does the utmost to provide you with high-quality legal, fiscal and accounting advisory services while also giving you the additional guarantee of a professional company that meets all legal requirements.

Features that differentiate our firm and confer a greater ease of mind and confidence in our clients:

1º.- Our firm is duly registered with the corresponding professional associations.

2º.- Our professionals comply with all legal requirements to exercise their professional activities, possess the necessary official Spanish university degrees and belong to the corresponding professional associations.

3º.- The company’s directors are professional partners.

4º.- Our firm possesses professional liability insurance as required by law in addition to the insurance of each partner.

This multilingual firm has all the necessary expertise and know-how under one roof. This doesn’t just save you time and costs: you also have the assurance that you will receive personal, efficient and effective advice tailored to your own needs, as and when required.


Motivation is fundamental to any expert professional. If you have invested all of your energy and hopes in your dream project, you only want it to succeed. That’s why it’s important to rely on professional, rigorous and transparent services that aim at efficiency, security, promptness and effectiveness in your tax, accounting and legal needs.

At Arcos & Lamers Asociados, we offer a wide range of personalised and specialised services that allows us to respond to the needs of our clients.


Arcos & Lamers Asociados is a law firm situated in Marbella at the heart of the Costa del Sol and offers all-round services throughout Spain.

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