spanish propertyThe multilingual property lawyers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados have the pleasure to provide you additional information on the contents of the Spanish purchase Title Deed at where the notary is an independent professional, which will ensure that your transaction is carried out within the strictest legality.

We go to a notary to sign, among others, the deed for the acquisition or sale of your property, to grant a Power of Attorney, to make a Will and to set up a Spanish company.  In Spain, the notary is guarantee of security, legality and independence.

What information appears in you Purchase Sale Title Deed?

At the beginning of the document, you will find the following contents:

– The place and date of signing of the deed, and name of the notary.

– Identification of the parties, including name, nationality, marital status, professional activity, domicile and identification documents.

-In addition it is stated if someone is appearing on behalf of another, showing the Power of Attorney which authorizes that.

-Also, it is included if there is an interpreter, in the event that any of the appearing parties do not know the language in which the deed in drafted.

The notary will give faith of the capacity with which the parties appear.  Then, the document includes the statements made by the parties related to the property as follows:

1.- Description of the property and Land Registry particulars.

 2.- Rates reference and situation concerning payment of rates (IBI).

3.- Statements concerning payment of Community fees and attachment of certificate issued by the Community of Owners concerning payments on the property.

 4.- Charges and encumbrances on the property.

 5.- Delivery to the purchaser of the Energy Certificate.

 6.- Attachment to the deed of information from the corresponding Land Registry.

 7. Possessory situation: If the property is free of tenants and occupants, or not.

 8.- Conditions of the transaction such as: object, price, way of payment.  Payment of expenses arising in the deed and settlement of Plusvalia Tax.

Finally, the deed will expressly include the fact of having read the contents of the same, the serial number of the pages where the document begins and ends and its signature by the parties and the notary.

If you have any questions about the content or execution of your deed, please do not hesitate to contact us. The lawyers and tax advisers of our Spanish law firm will advise you in the granting of your Purchase Sale Title Deed or we will clarify the doubts you may have regarding your document already signed. We will provide you a fast and effective advice to meet your needs.

María Tersa Arcos, lawyer in Marbella

Wim Lamers, Economist in Marbella

Marbella, September 2013.

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