Applicable for individuals who are tax residents in Spain.

Income Tax in Spain

Income Tax in Spain

Due to many inquiries that the tax lawyers of our firm receive every year, the multi-lingual tax advisers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados, your accountant and tax adviser in Spain, would like to lay out the corresponding deadlines applicable on Spanish Income Tax.

This year 2013, the possible “online” submission of the corresponding Income tax and Wealth Tax for Tax residents in Spain started on 24th April.

26/06/2013 will be the last day for filing the Income Tax form stating an automatic direct debit on Spanish personal bank accounts.

28/06/2013 will be the last day to request “customer service” meetings at the corresponding Inland Revenue in Spain. On the 01/07/2013 the Spanish Income tax campaign ends for 2012. Last day to file Income Tax returns 2012 and Spanish Wealth tax 2012.

The personal Income tax in Spain is considered as a direct, personal, subjective, progressive and analytical tax type.

The Income tax in Spain is straight forward and is directly calculated on the Income of the taxpayer, personal as the tax payer is liable himself and not the asset/s, subjective because it takes into account the physical and or personal condition of the tax payer; progressive, in the sense that a higher income will be taxed in a higher proportion; analytical, as the Spanish Income tax does consider different types of Income and does tax each different type of income in a different way.

Do not hesitate to contact the multi-lingual tax lawyers of Arcos & Lamers Asociados, your Registered Accountants (economists), lawyers and tax advisers in Spain specialized in the Spanish Tax system.

María Teresa Arcos, Lawyer in Spain.

Wim Lamers, Registered Accountant (Economist) in Spain.

Marbella, May, 2013

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