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accountants in Spain

Accountants in Spain

Accountants in Spain.

Spanish multi-lingual proactive law firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, has recently launched, in addition to our weekly posts at our blog, a new micro web under the title “Accountants in Spain” providing deep going information on the Spanish Tax system, Spanish accountancy rules and tax advice that our firm provides to Spanish and north European communities, individuals and companies in Spain. Please find below a summary of the different areas we have taken into account providing answers to inquiries that our firm receives on a daily basis.


• Information to learn more on Spanish tax obligations to take into account after of constitution of your new company or on the accountancy obligations that your existing company should take care of. Additional information may be found here with regards to the Spanish fiscal system as well the accountancy services rendered by our firm.

• Information regarding Spanish company tax, Company Tax rates applicable for different types of companies.

• Specific information on reductions on Personal Income Tax in Spain for whom wish to start an activity in Spain.

• Information to take into account when your company is unable to collect debts from its clients as from an accountancy and tax point of view.

• Other services.

The professional team of Arcos & Lamers Asociados has an extensive knowledge on legal and tax issues and disposes of the material resources and the hands-on experience to attend to all your needs in accountancy, tax and legal matters in Spain

Do not hesitate to contact one of the registered professionals of this multi lingual law firm in Spain!.

María Teresa Arcos, lawyer in Spain

Wim Lamers, economist in Spain.

Marbella, May, 2013

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