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Wealth tax in Spain

As previously informed by this Spanish law firm and accountants in Marbella, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, wealth tax in Spain had been restored temporarily only for the years 2011 and 2012. Nevertheless since last 28th December 2012 several new tax measures appeared aiming for consolidation of public finances and the promotion of economic activity in Spain. One of the measurements is the extension for 2013 of the Wealth Tax in Spain. As per present Spanish law it again introduces a general exemption of 100% as from 1st January 2014, which means that the Wealth tax in Spain would stop to be due, as per present law, in 2015.

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It is to recall that the submission of the corresponding Spanish wealth tax declaration is compulsory in the event that the gross assets you own are worth over 2.000.000 Euros. It is also relevant to mention that the corresponding regional Inland Revenue has enough power to introduce any increase of the wealth tax rates or increase / decrease of the deductions, bonuses, etc…but in case of non-resident taxpayers, they are governed by the national fixed Spanish tax rate.

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Marbella, March, 2013.

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